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Thank you for visiting Access OC Caregivers! Check back often for new strains and new promotions.

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New patients- Find information about medical evaluations, what to bring on your first visit,
First Time Patient specials, and other information by clicking the New Patient tab to the left. You can even take a look at our Menu before you get here, and feel free to check out reviews from existing patients, too!
Returning patients- Visit our Menu page for the most up-to-date list of our current strains, edibles, and concentrates in stock. You can find reviews on specific strains in the Review Forum, or write your own.
Wondering what strain is best for pain? Or when we're getting more delicious Sleepy Eye S'mores? Just click on Questions and ask away!


Patients' satisfaction is our primary goal! We are ALWAYS open to feedback. Feel free to email us or leave a review to let us know how we're doing.